March 12-14, 2019

 Two-day business agenda with a special digital mine workshop

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Despite the geographical distance, relations between Russia and Morocco have a long history. Over three centuries, Morocco and Russia have cooperated on trade and investment. The long standing relationship dates back to 1777, when  Sultan Mohammed III, the country’s first head of state, established a formal relationship Catherine the Great. In 1897, the Consulate General of the Russian Empire opened in Tangier.

These early strides lay the foundation for enhanced bilateral economic cooperation, which will be spearheaded by the Russian and Moroccan business communities.


Over the past ten years, Russia and Morocco have signed over two dozen at the interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental levels in order to support a “deep strategic partnership declaration.” This inaugural Forum, which will take place in Casablanca, will pave the path towards enhanced investment in key sectors from energy to agriculture, transportation, mining and banking. 

The inaugural Russian-African Forum will gather corporate leaders and investors, and thought leaders to connect capital, catalyse conversations between the Russian and African communities. 

This two-day landmark event, hosted in Casablanca, will:

highlight key agricultural value chains on the rise

explore key energy markets ripe for exploration
discuss how Russia and Morocco are strengthening their diplomatic relationship
share updates on fiscal, regulatory and infrastructural improvements increasing the ease of doing business

Russia in North Africa by the Numbers


H.E. King Mohammed VI of Morocco visits RUSSIA


Prime Minister Medvedev visits Morocco

11 agreements

signed between Russia and Morocco in 2017 to boost bilateral cooperation


of Moroccan exports to Russia are agricultural products

200 000

estimated Russian tourists in Morocco in 2017

$12 billion

in current levels of Russian-African FDI

$566 million

Moroccan EXPORT to russia in 2018

$895 million

Moroccan IMPORT FROM RUSSIA in 2018

Topics covered during other briefings and roundtables will be centred around the Kingdom of Morocco’s economic development agenda and macro-economic environment as well as highlighting the right steps to promote the industrialization and infrastructural development of Morocco.

 Delegates will have the unique opportunity to engage with ministers and senior government officials from Morocco. They will also have the opportunity to visit key business sites and learn about live opportunities in Morocco ranging from energy, transportation and logistics, agriculture, industrialization,and more.

Talks focusing on:

Morocco as Africa’s Energy Leader

During his most recent visit to Russia, HM King Mohammed VI signed an agreement with Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev to strengthen cooperation in the field of energy, particularly in the sectors of liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), electricity, renewable energies and hydrocarbon exploration. This roundtable will include speakers from these leading Moroccan companies operating within these sectors as well as updates from government officials on progress in the development of coastal LNG regasification terminals and concentrated solar complexes in the Sahara.

Morocco as North Africa’s Next Transport & Logistics Network

With the kingdom’s beneficial location on the crossroads between Africa and Europe, Morocco is emerging as a continental transport and logistics hub., Morocco is a major regional destination. Bordering the Mediterranean to the North, the Atlantic for the West, and with close proximity to the Red Sea, the country is ideally located for land, sea, and air transportation and is an emerging international cargo hub in its own right, due to easy connectivity to major shipping routes and markets. Ongoing investment in its ports and airports set to further advance industrialisation over the medium to long term. This roundtable discussion will include briefings from stakeholders in the airtime and maritime industries as well as updates from key officials overseeing the expansion of special economic zones.

Opportunities in Moroccan Mining

Morocco is the world’s second largest producer of phosphate and contains about 75% of the world’s estimated reserves. The mining sector contributes up to 10% of Morocco’s GDP, with 90% of this coming from phosphates. Morocco also mines gold, silver, copper, zinc, and cobalt. Given Russia’s vast expertise in the mining industry, the time is ripe to explore avenues to leverage this expertise to expand the rapidly growing mining sector. Leaders from the Moroccan minerals sector will share updates regarding sectoral performance while leading legal and policy analysts will outline opportunities and challenges to investing in this highly-regulated sector.

 What companies are invited?

 What companies are invited?

 What companies

are invited?

 What companies are invited?


One of the leading companies in the international market of heavy, power and transport engineering, which produces equipment with high quality, reliability, long term of operating life and high maintainability. The specialists of TYAZHMASH actively cooperate with research-and-development establishments and higher education establishments of the country as well as with specialists of foreign firms. 


Currently the only enterprise in Russia producing a full range of gas equipment to ensure gas delivery from the main gas pipeline to direct consumers. In their developments, our specialists use the experience of the best domestic manufacturers and foreign firms.

Power Machines

A global power engineering company – one of the world’s top-ten industry leaders in terms of installed-equipment volume. They have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in the engineering design, manufacturing and supply of equipment sets for thermal, nuclear and hydropower plants. The company’s core competency and competitive advantage extend to implementing integrated turn-key projects in the electrical power field.


Russia’s top producer of commercial vehicles. Company’s product portfolio includes light and medium-duty commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, buses, engines and over 500 types of special vehicles. The company with 86 years of history exports to over 40 countries, thanks to its eco-friendly solutions, innovations, unique traditions of engineering and modern production sited with a high level of automation.  



Modern industrial complex, specializing in the manufacture of metal structures used in the construction of energy facilities, industrial buildings and facilities, sports and shopping centres, as well as equipment of the petrochemical industry complying with Russian and foreign standards.


A company with a 25-year experience in the industrial applications market with a team of about 200 skilled and qualified engineers in the fields of design, product technology, production and service. They produce certified mechanical seals, pump units, sliding bearings, bearing-sealing units (BPU), support systems and valves. The high technical level of products is ensured by the use of inventions, patents and “know-how” of employees, allowing substitution of equipment for any industry.

 Digital mine workshop.

Why is that so exciting? 

As part of the forum, there will be a workshop on Digital Transformation for Mining Companies where a number of leading solutions providers from Russia will showcase their solutions and use cases for mine management and automation. A number of uses cases will be presented to show mining companies in Africa how they can save millions of dollars in costs to optimize the fleet use, to improve their operations from mine to mill as well as on how to apply best-class technologies for better management of mining operations.


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